Thursday, January 17, 2013

34 Weeks: My Baby's Getting Ready!

It's been a wonderful week, minus the occasional vomiting and constant sleepiness. Despite the dark times, I feel privileged to be carrying this child, and I couldn't be more ecstatic about starting a family when we are. As much as I have envied women who breeze through their pregnancies, I feel a special bond with my baby and my husband for having survived our experience. There are only a few weeks left, and the labor & delivery will be our final hurdle before a whole different set of challenges come our way. But I have a feeling we'll be just fine.

This past weekend, we had a little before-the-baby-comes party, where many friends we haven't seen in a while showed up. 2012 was a crazy year, and we were away a lot. Then I was sick throughout the pregnancy, which made it virtually impossible to see anyone - until now. This baby is already much loved, and I'm grateful to have such amazing friends and family. We received a bunch of gifts as well as a huge bag/boxes of hand-me-downs. I've started inventorying baby clothes, separating them by sizes. These little outfits are so tiny and adorable. I can't wait to put them on my baby girl.

Our baby/guest room is also almost done. Our niece is visiting soon with my sis & her hubby, who will be here for my birth. Woohoo! At this point, I'm more excited to get the room ready for their stay than for our baby, who won't be needing it for a while.

We also went to our first official prenatal appointment at the midwifery. It was like any other prenatal visits at the doctor's office in terms of getting the usual things like blood pressure, weight, and baby's heartbeat checked, but they took a lot more time to talk to us and answer our questions. After another conversation about breech babies and my concerns, I was lying on NOT a medical exam table but a comfy day bed, where the midwife touched my belly with her hands, following up with a device that only detects heartbeat by the neck of the baby - to determine where the head is. And it seems my baby girl has finally turned! Her head is down!

It's interesting to look back at what I was feeling the few days prior to the appointment. The baby was moving A LOT more than usual. It felt like the space was getting too small for her, and she was struggling to find a more comfortable position. She was pretty forceful in her movements, and I couldn't figure out what she was doing. In hindsight, she must have been turning, head down. I was worried for nothing - she was going to do this all on her own. She seems to be getting ready for what's to come. That's my girl! :)

I'm so relieved. I'd been reading about and was planning to try all types of homeopathic interventions for breech babies. Now, all I have to do is focus on eating right and doing normal exercises like walking - no more inversion exercises necessary. The closer I get to my due date, the more confident I feel about my own body's ability to do this. The occasional vomiting has slowed down, and I've been feeling relatively more energetic.

PHOTO at 34 weeks:
When my midwife was touching my belly, she said, "You are full of baby, aren't ya? It's rock hard!" My belly is getting tighter everyday. I've been using a really generous amount of oil after showers, hoping it'll keep my skin moist and elastic enough for the next few weeks of more stretching. I try not to waddle, but I do find myself walking funny sometimes, especially when no one's looking.

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