Monday, October 22, 2012

My constantly changing body

We spent last night with another pregnant couple, 2.5 months ahead of us. This mother-to-be's belly was perfectly round and oh so cute. Why is it that I find everyone else's baby bump so adorable, yet I can't wrap my head around the fact that my expanding waist line is because of a growing baby?

They say the baby has developed everything by now. She's just fattening up and growing bigger, and she's apparently doing this really well! Every morning, my husband says to me with much enthusiasm, 'It's getting so big! Our baby's growing!' It's mostly endearing, but sometimes... Not so much.

I have catalogued through all the pregnancy-friendly clothes. I seem to have enough to get through the next four months. Some loosely fitting sweaters I thought I could utilize during pregnancy don't fit the way I expected. I also realize I don't own a lot of empire waisted tops. I must have given all of them away after my brother nonchalantly commented years back, something to the effect of 'that shirt makes you look pregnant.' At the time, it was the most shockingly offensive thing to hear. Now, here I am, trying to look as pregnant as possible. Otherwise, I just look awkwardly thick.

Am I the only pregnant woman looking for belly support with underwear? No one I know seems to think this way. Low-rise apparently is the way to go. But I like my lower belly covered and warm, especially now with a baby stretching me out every day. I found some candidates on Amazon, but none of them offers my size. Underwear is another unexpected dilemma. I've only heard women talk about changing bra sizes. 

After having a moment of feeling like a failure of a mother for not being able to stomach prenatal vitamins, I decided to try the over-the-counter gummy prenatals. It's my second day, and no violent reactions so far! Woohoo!

The shortness is on and off - still there, but I think I'm getting better at managing it, mentally and physically. 

I've been too busy being sick to think about my changing body; and now that it's happening, it's another challenge in itself. I will only get bigger and heavier, and it's definitely not the most comfortable I've been. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful that I will have my share of enjoying this process - I mean, I already am in spurts. Though I am unfortunately still vomiting, and the breathing issue is complicating things, I know my body was designed for this. However miserable at times, I can do this. 

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