Sunday, October 21, 2012

the expansion: 21 weeks & 3 days

It occurred to me today - I've been eating more than before, perhaps adding onto the expansion of my belly that is already happening. It's hard to tell, but I'm way too uncomfortable in my breathing. I must find a way to alleviate. They say it could be anxiety, but I honestly think it's something more elementary, more physical, like too much pressure in my gut. The other day at the ER cleared me of any real dangers, but I'm still regularly gasping for air.

This phase is completely unexpected. I never thought I'd have breathing problems. I don't remember ever hearing about it. I was more worried about the stretching pains, which is not too bad so far. I keep browsing through photos of pregnant women online, trying to see if I'm growing too fast. But at least according to those pictures, I'm not particularly big. In fact, it's still hard to tell that I'm pregnant when I'm wearing all my clothes, especially with a coat. Everything is technically 'on target,' and I'm 'doing beautifully,' as one of the doctors said to me the other day. So what is going on?

In light of this sudden and immensely uncomfortable experience, I am making a note to self to stay away from foods that make me bloat. That's all I can come up with for now. Obviously, I have to stay away from any strenuous activities, which I can't do anyway. I will try to avoid all wheat products and fried foods for the next few days (not even a bite!) and see if it makes a difference. This pregnancy is really kicking my butt!

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